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The oldest form of flight is an exhilarating experience which undoubtedly provides the most spectacular view of the world below. From drifting along at tree-top height to ascending effortlessly to thousands of  feet above the earth, a trip in a hot air balloon is unique and unforgettable. The Wye Valley is one of the most beautiful areas to fly and Wye Valley Aviation has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of ballooning. We have flown thousands of people and taught dozens to gain their Balloon Pilots Licence.

How long - Flights last about an hour, though you will be with us for approximately three to four hours. The balloon travels with the wind and at the same speed as the wind. This usually means an average flight distance of between five and fifteen miles from the take off site. After landing we celebrate the flight with Champagne and return to the take-off site in the four wheel drive retrieve vehicle.

Where - Wye Valley Aviation operates from several sites in Ross and Hereford. We will confirm which launch site is to be used within 24 hours of your flight.

Who - There is no upper age limit for balloon passengers — though we do insist that you are able to climb into the basket unaided and be capable of standing for an hour. You must also be able to hold onto the rope safety handles with both hands Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. We will not fly anyone who is pregnant.

Clothing - Normal outdoor clothing and sensible shoes or boots (no high heels) are recommended. The grass is often wet so waterproof footwear is a good idea. The temperature aloft  is only a few degrees cooler than ground level, but the burner can be warm on your head - so bring a hat.





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